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JAN 2016

We’re excited to see the Play Melbourne ball we’ve designed in action, live streaming video across the city. It uses Twitter’s Periscope app (yes, a different Periscope!) to allow viewers to explore Melbourne in real time.

The ball has been designed to be passed from person to person to assist filming of Melbourne's inside stories. It has also been designed to be recreated - so download our open source designs, use some simple materials and stream live social stories from your neighbourhood. 

Follow @Melbourne on @Periscopeco to see more about the game called Play Melbourne Live.

Oct 2014

To design for a sustainable future, it is important to minimise waste. This ReFAB project explores using waste from one product lifecycle as raw material for another.

Funded by the Department of State Development, Business and Innovation’s Future Designers Program, this Monash University and Studio Periscope collaboration worked to develop a range of design-for-reuse prototypes for the FromWoopWoop label. Undertaken by three Monash University Industrial Design students, who scoped streams of reusable waste from commercial and residential sources within Melbourne as a starting point. Design was secondary. Then with the aid of digital fabrication, the students developed three innovative solutions for everyday use with a strong Australian voice and entirely made from these local waste materials.  > More  

'M' is for Melbourne
Aug 2014

Working together with the City of Melbourne team and Robert Sim, we have translated the M-Logo into a uniquely elegant 3D form with complex geometry! The M-Frame is 3.5 metres long, made from 5 parts and has cleverly been engineered to be easily assembled by two people. Experience the M-Frame this week at Melbourne's City Square, adorned with greenery for Melbourne Spring Fashion Festival.

Banish tie wrecks forever!
April 2014

Tipod is our latest design. It’s a product that stores ties correctly - banishing tie wrecks forever! Ties are rolled by hand, placed in the Tipod and protected from wrinkles or damage, whether you’re getting on a plane or bicycle, going to the gym or coming home from work. Machined from 6061 aluminium alloy and hard anodised, this product is strong, light and tactile.

Built to last a lifetime, Tipod is the ultimate way to store, carry and protect premium ties. Visit to view the fun promo video and to place your orders!

Cardboard all the way
Mar 2014

We love the versatility of corrugated cardboard; it's lightweight, strong and recyclable. The new misschu Cardboard Tuckshop is a perfect example of its use. The pop-up installation was designed for quick assembly at catering events. This quirky ensemble comes in 8 simple flat-packed cardboard parts and includes a pop-out rooster and a bunch of bananas! Who knew corrugated cardboard could be so yummy? For enquiries or to place orders for your next event contact 

Goodbye photo booth, hello Live Instagram Printer!
Dec 2013

Social Playground brings the printed photo into the digital age by merging a traditional photo booth with social photo-sharing app Instagram.

While at an event, the Live Instagram Printer captures photos tagged with a specific hashtag and prints a high quality photo within seconds.

Launching T-stool
Sep 2013

The T-stool  lets you re-use your much loved old t-shirts to customise the seat. Make your own collection and change the covers as often as you like! 
Launched at Fringe Furniture 2013, T-stool is made from sustainably grown plantation plywood, a recycled cork composite soft-top and comes flat-packed. It is entirely made in Australia and designed in collaboration with Chris Brandon.

Australian International Design Awards
Jun 2013

We are proud to announce that Studio Periscope and BlueAnt Wireless are winners of a Good Design Award® for the Ribbon Stereo Bluetooth Streamer in the Consumer Electronics category of the Australian International Design Awards 2013. The Ribbon simply twists and slides to attach to clothing and stream music.

The Abandoned Boudoir Hits Milan
May 2013

In collaboration with Hotel Nhow, aesthicalliance* presents The Abandoned Boudoir, a pop-up gallery that uses hotel bedroom suites as an intimate exhibition space. Showcasing Australian art and design, including FromWoopWoop tablemats and gumnut candle holder designed by Studio Periscope, the Milan exhibit is running 15-20 May 2013. All branding and collateral also designed by Studio Periscope.

The Traveller finalist for Innovation Award
Nov 2012

Studio Periscope, in recognition of The Traveller, has been selected as an Innovation Award Finalist for the Business 3000 Awards. 

Celebrate with us and post a bottle of wine to say thanks, happy new year or job well done! 

Misschu tuckshop pops-up 
at MasterChef Live
Oct 2012

Collaborating with misschu,  Studio Periscope has designed and developed a pop-up pavilion for The MasterChef Live festival,  Sydney 2012. The key design elements created were printed pegboards, tuckshop windows, 3D logos made from used and dyed chopsticks and quirky misschu critters.