We love working with Austral Plywoods. Not only is their material beautiful, it also uses Hoop Pine - a sustainable resource that is 100% plantation grown. However, working with plywood poses a challenge when it comes to managing thickness variations for production. The material variations are due to the natural irregularities in timber and moisture absorption in different climates. 

We believe it is the industrial designers, not the manufacturers, that are responsible for understanding and catering for possible variations during cnc routing or laser cutting.

With FromWoopWoop's T-stool we're adapting the connections to achieve a tight accurate fit in one direction allowing the material thickness to vary naturally in the other direction. Allowances for both thin and thick sheets are essential to ensure consistent and dependable production runs. Designing with these considerations requires a process of thorough testing and intelligent design thinking.

Studio Periscope’s ply challenge is on. Let us know about your next plywood project, we'd love to collaborate!


Send a bottle of wine through the post

Studio Periscope is excited to launch post-safe gift packaging for wine!
Designed and produced by Studio Periscope, The Traveller is effortlessly stylish while protecting your bottle. We were even awarded a City of Melbourne Small Business Grant to assist in The Traveller’s journey.

Our aim to combine innovative form and function resulted in a product that is both design registered and innovation patented. The hexagon form is structurally strong, easy to handle and creates visually striking displays. Constructed from a single piece of fluted cardboard, The Traveller fulfils a complex set of functional requirements simply through folding and tabbing.

The initial range of patterns includes iconic Melbourne scenes From Fed Square to The Forum and Southern Cross Station; non-cringe-worthy Australiana Gumnuts FromWoopWoop and the ever-elegant Candy Stripes. Many thanks and credit to Mika Klabi for his gorgeous photography of the Melbourne scenes.

These patterns and prints are just the first sip! The Traveller is a customisable packaging solution. This means we can add your own logo or print a pattern to make The Traveller your own.

Additionally, we wanted to make The Traveller a total gift solution that combines gift-wrapping and card into one. A gift card panel sits above the display window to write your personal message whether that is happy birthday, missing you, congratulations or simply - cheers!

The Traveller is compact, flat-packed for bulk delivery and produced from recycled board, using a minimum 95% post-consumer waste.