Send a bottle of wine through the post

Studio Periscope is excited to launch post-safe gift packaging for wine!
Designed and produced by Studio Periscope, The Traveller is effortlessly stylish while protecting your bottle. We were even awarded a City of Melbourne Small Business Grant to assist in The Traveller’s journey.

Our aim to combine innovative form and function resulted in a product that is both design registered and innovation patented. The hexagon form is structurally strong, easy to handle and creates visually striking displays. Constructed from a single piece of fluted cardboard, The Traveller fulfils a complex set of functional requirements simply through folding and tabbing.

The initial range of patterns includes iconic Melbourne scenes From Fed Square to The Forum and Southern Cross Station; non-cringe-worthy Australiana Gumnuts FromWoopWoop and the ever-elegant Candy Stripes. Many thanks and credit to Mika Klabi for his gorgeous photography of the Melbourne scenes.

These patterns and prints are just the first sip! The Traveller is a customisable packaging solution. This means we can add your own logo or print a pattern to make The Traveller your own.

Additionally, we wanted to make The Traveller a total gift solution that combines gift-wrapping and card into one. A gift card panel sits above the display window to write your personal message whether that is happy birthday, missing you, congratulations or simply - cheers!

The Traveller is compact, flat-packed for bulk delivery and produced from recycled board, using a minimum 95% post-consumer waste.